What Is The Correlation Between Your Weight And Your Food Intake?

Our weight is intricately tied to what we eat. While there are other factors like your metabolism, daily activity and exercise nothing affects your weight as much as what and how you eat.

While many people simplify weight loss as consuming less calories than your body expends, it is not as simple as drastically cutting calories to the lowest you can go. Doing so will cause your body to starve and a whole other set of complications.

Let’s explore how what you eat affects your weight:

processed foods make you fat

Processed Foods Make You Fatter

Processed foods include things like soft drinks, potato chips, nuggets, hot dogs, luncheon meat, frozen meals and any food that is high in additives and low in unprocessed ingredients.

These types of food fill you up with calories but often have very little nutritional value – meaning besides giving you energy, they do nothing to help you maintain good health. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism also found that participants who ate processed food tend to overeat as their stomach failed to recognise that they were full.

This leads to an increased risk of obesity and other health risks associated with large consumption of processed foods daily.

eat less without feeling hungry

Eat Less without Feeling Hungry

As the saying goes you can’t outrun a bad diet. When it comes to weight management, it is easier to tackle the problem at the source, which is the food you eat.

Although exercise has many benefits, such as building muscle and boosting your metabolism, it is difficult to match the calories burned from a workout to equal that of an unhealthy meal.

Many people get hunger pangs when they start eating less calories, which can result in overeating for their next meal. To prevent this, choose foods that have a low calorie density.

Calorie density is the calorie content of food relative to its weight or volume. Some examples of low calorie density food include vegetables, fruits, wholegrains and oatmeal.

Tailor What You Eat to Your Metabolism and Lifestyle


Tailor What You Eat to Your Metabolism and Lifestyle

No diet is one-size-fits-all. Your metabolism and the way your body processes food is a highly personal thing. Factors like your gender, age, height, weight and lifestyle all affect your personal dietary requirements.

Additionally, there are also restrictions and allergies that need to be taken into consideration.

The best results come from a personalised meal plan that meets all your needs to achieve your weight goals. Happy Slim is an online nutrition coaching programme that takes into account your personal dietary requirements to provide personalised dietary advice and meal plan to help you shed unwanted kilos once and for all.

Coaching is done one-on-one with a licensed dietician on call to provide knowledge and support. The entire programme is built around the idea of losing weight healthily and steadily to prevent regaining the weight lost after a diet.

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