Simple & Healthy Diet: Your 7-Day Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Weight loss is not meant to be a sprint, it’s a marathon. There are thousands of unhealthy weight loss plan such as taking supplement or diet pills, very low-calorie plan, fad diet plan that promised and claimed to be effective for a huge weight loss transformation in short term.

All of these above are working for only a temporary result of weight loss to a long-term overweight or obese problem. Due to the reason of difficulty in sustaining the fad diet or supplement pills, some may realise the weight is rebounded once they stop using pills or follow the particular diet pattern.

simple & healthy diet: your 7-day meal plan to lose weight

The healthy and successful weight loss has to be losing weight gradually and successfully with 0.5kg – 1kg per week to keep your weight off. Therefore, weight loss is about an ongoing lifestyle and diet change that include the consistent practice of healthy diet and exercise habits, just like a marathon.

Once you are able to rely on a healthy eating and lifestyle for most of the day, you’re more likely to achieve healthy weight successfully and keeping your weight off lifelong. Here is one of the examples of 7 days weight loss plan.

7 days diet plan singapore

7 Days Diet Plan

Example: Day 1 – 1200 kcal Diet Plan


1 cup unsweetened soy milk + 1 teaspoon of chia seed + 3 tablespoon of rolled oats

Morning Snack:

1 pear + 1 tablespoon cottage cheese


½ cup brown rice + 1.5 palm size of steamed chicken breast + 1 cup of boiled broccoli + 1 serve of stir-fried cabbage

Afternoon snack:

1 slice papaya + 1 cup tea without sugar


Prawn noodle soup with added vegetables


1 slice wholemeal bread

Why You Need A Balance Diet While Losing Weight?

A person’s essential nutritional needs can only be fulfilled with a balance diet contributed by correct amount of energy (calories) and nutrients to keep the body functional and healthy. During the weight loss process, you need to gives your body sufficient nutrients that is needed for everyday to stay healthy while keeping your intake within the daily calorie goal for weight loss purposes.

A healthy and balanced diet should include the vital 4 food groups: Grains, Protein, Vegetables, and Fruits.


Grains here meaning carbohydrate food and it can be divided into two categories: wholegrains and refined grains.

Wholegrain is strongly recommended for weight loss as it contains more fibre and protein than refined grains which tend to provide more fullness and satiety for one who wish to cut down their food portion.

Wholegrains food includes: brown rice, whole-wheat bread/pasta/crackers, oat, barley and etc.

need a balance diet while losing weight

Refined grains are grains that being processed from wholegrain and contain less fibre, less protein but more carbohydrates. Therefore, it tends to raise the blood sugar faster and more energy dense.

refined grains food sources singapore

Additionally, refine grains are digested quickly which means you will eat larger portion and so consuming more calories compared to wholegrain food groups. Main refined grains food sources are white rice, white bread/white flour made-product, pastries, pasta, breakfast cereal, sweet dessert and etc.

Eat the right grains!


Protein is a vital nutrient to synthesis muscle, promote muscle building blocks, repair body cell and tissue, part of enzyme, hormone and antibodies in our body. Your body needs sufficient protein to maintain body function and body structure- 20-30% of total energy requirement.

Protein intake increases satiety and meal satisfaction, it helps to control your appetite and reduce your craving after a meal to avoid consuming extra calories from unnecessary food.

protein intake increases satiety

Protein food sources include pork, beef, poultry, fish, seafood, tofu, legumes, and dairy.

Choose the lean protein for healthier option and limit the saturated fat and trans-fat intake!


Vegetables contribute variety of vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy with lower calorie. Fibre from vegetables helps to increase satiety and reduce your calorie intake and portion of other food group which make vegetables the most weight loss friendly foods.

fibre from vegetables reduces your calorie intake

Prepare your vegetables with healthy cooking method such as boiled, steamed, grilled, stir fried, soup to maintain its nutritional value and avoid the unhealthy fats and calories from unhealthy cooking method such as deep-frying.

Include vegetables in your plate!


Fruits are densely packed with vitamin, mineral, fibre and antioxidants which you must include 2 serving of fruits per day. However, fruits do contain calories from its natural sugar, therefore, fruit should be eaten in moderation and 2 serving is just nice for weight loss and adequate nutrient intake.

fruits to help lose weight fast

Avoid fruit juice if the fruit juices are using more than 2 serving of fruits, has removed all the fruit pulp and added with sugar or syrup. The manufacturing process and extra serving of fruits used results in fewer nutrient and more calorie dense content in the fruit juices.

Eat the right amount of fruits!

Worrying if you may need to give up your favourite comfort food during weight loss?

customised diet plan singapore

No worries, work with our dietitian to create your own customised diet plan that you can adhere for long term and lose weight consistently to improve your health status.

Healthy and balance nutrient intake are the most important part while losing weight. You can enjoy your favourite food even if they are unhealthy or high in calories, loaded with sugar, and oily.

Eat them wisely is the key!

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