How To Choose The Right Diet For Weight Loss?

Have you ever experienced a weight rebound after much efforts being made to bring your weight down? Are you overloaded with sources or information about weight loss diet all over the internet especially social media and do not know how to start with it?

experience a weight rebound

It’s time to learn a quick way to pick the right weight loss diet for yourself!

A right weight loss diet must fulfil the following 3 basic conditions:

1. Is it effective?

a. Really help to lose weight? It’s not just losing your body water weight or emptying your bowel only oh! You may see the number on the scale go down very fast but this apparent drop is deceiving because it’s actually water weight that you’re losing. The weight loss is temporary and you may end up at a heavier weight than when you started – becomes fatter.

2. Is it healthy and safe?

a. Is the method harmful to your body?

b. Will you get adequate and balance nutrient to stay healthy?

c. Will it affect your metabolism and subsequently make you fatter later?

3. Can it be sustainable for long term?

a. Does it match your eating style?

b. Are these foods/ beverages you’re asked to eat in combination or in quantities that are unrealistic for the long term?

c. Does it include foods you Like, Can Prepare, and Can Afford?

d. Are there any excessive or unnecessary food restriction that makes you hard to adhere to the diet? If it is hard to sustain for long term, how long can you persist? How much weight can you lose?

e. If you failed from certain type of diet, do you know what to do next in order to prevent the weight rebound?

As long as these 3 basic conditions are met, then it is probably a feasible weight loss solution.

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