Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most common questions.

How does Diet and Nutrition play a role when losing weight?

Nutrition plays an essential role to keep our body in healthy condition. Food choices, more than any other factor, affect your weight. … by choosing the correct food, you will decrease your Calorie intake and lose weight.

How fast can I see results?

At least 1kg for the first 5 days, thereafter would be 1-2kg per week depending on individual’s profile.

Are your nutritionists / weight loss specialists qualified?

All our nutritionists are qualified with education certificates & experience.

Will my weight debounce after the coaching program end?

Our Happy Slim coaching is designed to impart valuable weight management knowledge, therefore by the end of the program, you should be able to be independent and be in control of your weight.

In any special case that you need further advices, you know that we will always be here.

Who is suitable for this program?

Anyone that is looking for weight loss and improve their health by altering their diet and eating habits.

Do I need to exercise?

At Happy Slim, we are advocating a healthier lifestyle therefore suitable exercise for individuals is encouraged during the coaching but not compulsory.

Can I take supplements with this program?

It is not mandatory, but we do recommend based on the body condition and needs. If you are already having your own supplements, please do check with your coach.

Medical conditions that are not suitable for this program or need to seek doctor’s approval before starting?

A doctor’s approval is needed for serious conditions.

I am allergy to certain foods. Can I still follow the program?

Yes, as our program is one to one coaching and every diet is customised to suit each individual therefore our coach will plan and advice based on the food that one would be able to consume.

What if I can’t follow 100% as the diet?

You will be expecting slower results and might not loose as much as targeted but fret not, with our program, you will definitely get there!

What is the best time to weight myself?

Every morning after you have visit the bathroom and every night before bed. We recommend that it is best to keep your attire consistent.

I have just given birth and currently breastfeeding. Am I suitable for this program?

Yes, as we have different diets plans and the coach will be customised and plan according to individual’s condition.

How much weight can I loose with Happy Slim?

It depends on your profile, weight loss history and genes. Our coach will analyse your data to find out how much you could sensibly lose.

Our goal is not to chain you to an obsessive weight loss goal, but to help you attain your achievable weight, which is the weight you can most easily maintain without unrealistic daily efforts or the need to deprive yourself.

Is the type of food that your program advice expensive or hard to find?

We would try our best to recommend the type of food that is suitable and convenient for everyday consumption as our program is design for people with hectic lifestyles.

What beverages are not allowed as part of the diet?

Alcoholic and high-sugared content beverages are discouraged.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects as we do not use any medication, products or machines.

Can I continue my coaching programme if I become pregnant halfway through?

We will temporary hold your program status and you can resume the program after giving birth.

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