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Our Founder

Dr Shi Lidong is a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician and graduated with a Master of Business Administration from Tsinghua University in China.

HappySlim was founded in 2018 by Dr Shi as a response to the increasing problem of obesity and weight management in Singapore & Southeast Asia. He was also the founder of the established Aimin Weight Loss Hospital in Tianjin since 1999. As a strong believer of TCM, Dr Shi wanted to utilise his expertise in TCM and Nutrient to help the community to address these issues.

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Online Nutrition Coaching Services

Singapore is considered an urban city. Working and living in a fast-paced city has resulted many to have the lack of time to watch over what they eat and as well as exercise.

As a working adult, student or even a homemaker, embarking on a diet by yourself is a huge challenge, as you struggle with obesity, society, your body and yourself. The fight to recover the figure you deserve is too often lost.

Eight out of ten people who begin a diet regain the weight they lose within the year. This is an inacceptable trend.

Therefore, Happy Slim is designed and created, with our daily counselling feature we would be able to solve the problems that one may face.

why choose our online nutrition coaching services singapore

Our Certified

TCM Physicians

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Registered TCM Physician, Singapore TCM Practitioners Board Diploma in TCM, Singapore College of TCM



Dietician, Bachelor Degree in Dietetics with Nutrition, International Medical University Malaysia

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Registered TCM Physician, Singapore TCM Practitioners Board Bachelor Degree in Medicine, Chongqing Medical University

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